Sunday, August 9, 2009

Photos... maybe someday....

In the process of getting ready to move, we got rid of our old computer. We saved all the photos, but I haven't be able to get any off the camera, so hopefully one day soon I'll have photos for you.
David is putting his knees up underneath himself and actually will scoot about 1/2 an inch when he does that. Not sitting up yet though, so crawling is a long way off.
Allyssa's new things is that she likes to pray the ending prayer at every meal herself. She also is potty training. That is going really well. She rarely has accidents. Her favorite toy right now is the little round people like we all used to play with as kids.
The moving process is coming along. We've got a lot of things packed up, but don't have a date for closing yet. We are really frustrated about that, but are trying to be patient. We think that we are going to wind up living in a hotel for a short amount of time. When we thought closing would be on Tuesday, we were already in a hotel for one day. Now, we are just waiting for more news tomorrow. Our mortgage broker does not think closing will be Tuesday or Wednesday, but he's not sure.