Friday, February 29, 2008

Annoyed about stewing over an annoyance

One of my bad habits is doing this. My current annoyance: Not getting a thank you card. Seriously, I know that's crazy, but I gave a gift to someone for something and they did not send a thank you. I know that this is wrong but, had I received one from her when I was in her situation, I would not care that I did not get a thank you card. I should simply find joy in giving. I know that, but I still really wanted a thank you card. Then I'm annoyed at myself for being annoyed. Also, I wonder if I remembered everyone when I sent out thank you cards. I really tried hard to remember everyone, but what if I accidentally forgot one person. Then I think back to my wedding and someone out there might be annoyed to this day that they never got a thank you. I know that not everyone did for my wedding because the post office where some gifts were was broken into and 4 gifts were stollen. I know that there was at least one that still had a name on it and at least one that did not have a name on it. I don't remember about the other two. Someone out there gave me some very nice William Sonoma dish towels. Thank you. I love them and use them everyday.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More on the crazy man

The detective just came by. He made contact with the man. He lives about a block and a half away. He was open about what happend, even told the detective that he asked if he could take Allyssa home. He said that he didn't mean it seriously. He was just trying to say that she is cute. The detective told him that in this day and age, that is scary, and it took a lot of talking but the man understood that he said something inappropriate, and the detective doesn't think he is offended any more (who wouldn't be offended if they were accused of inticing a child?!). This does not mean that the man is not a sex offender. If he is, it means that now he knows that the police are aware of him. The detective told me to keep my eyes open for him still and call him if anything else happens. He also allerted the Raymondville and Lyford (the next town over) schools. It is possible that the man was just trying to say Allyssa is cute, but the detective said to still be careful, but that he thought that I did not have to worry.
Hopefully that will end this. The old man probably doesn't even know that he's talked to me twice. I wouldn't have thought anything of it if it wasn't the second time. The man did not seem threatening, but would a seasoned sex offender seem threathening? Probably not if he can get kids to come to him.
All in all, the detective thinks that this will be the end of it. All you moms out there, if you haven't done it already, check the list of registered sex offenders in your area!

Creepy old man stalking Allyssa

No this isn't a joke. This is the second time he has asked if he can have Allyssa. This time he also asked Allyssa if she wanted to go home with him. The police said that because she is too young to talk they can't charge him with inticing a minor, but I am supposed to speak with a detective on Friday to find put what I can do next time he finds us.

Sleep Training: Day Two

Allyssa slept until 5:45 this morning and after getting a pacifier slept for 30 more minutes. We tried one more time and managed a few minutes. At 6:30 I got up with her. Not bad. She's been very clingy this morning though. David had a 7am meeting and had things to do before hand, so after he left at about 7, I finally got a chance to pee, and Allyssa didn't want me to. I put her in her excersaucer so she wouldn't crawl into the bathroom, and she cried the whole time. She wanted to be held all morning. But hey, at least I got to sleep without intteruption until 5:45 even if my poor bladder was abused this morning.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Sleep Training: Night One

Yesterday at the doctor's office when I was told that Allyssa had gained weight (remember we were watching that because she'd lost 1/2 a pound), I was also griped at because Allyssa is still eating once at night. Allyssa sees the doctor in 2 weeks for her physical, so our plan is to have her sleeping through the night by then. Last night was the starting point. She woke up at midnight and cried for about 15 minutes, but after that it was smooth sailing. She usually eats at 3, but she didn't wake up until 4:30; she cried for about 5 minuetes and went back to sleep. She woke up one other time, but I don't have a clue when because she went to sleep so fast. All in all, I would say that this is going well. Too bad we didn't start off with better sleep habits for her, but we'd missed her for 19 days and didn't want to miss her any more. After we get sleeping through the night down, we're going to try putting her to bed when she's awake instead of rocking her to sleep. I'm pretty sure that that will be harder than sleeping through the night.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Feb 10th New Booster seat

Kite Fest

Feb 3rd Kite Festival

We went to South Padre Island to see the Kite Festival. Allyssa loved looking at thed kites. She also loved our hats, but didn't want to wear her hat.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Feb 3rd

This is from Sunday the 3rd when Allyssa stood up from sitting in her crib.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Wisdom Teeth

Mom and Dad came down to help out while I got my wisdom teeth out. They came on Saturday which was a very windy day and the day that David rode in the Jalapeno 100. Monday, all four of my teeth came out. My parents played with Allyssa all day. Today and Wednesdays are bonus. They are still around and I feel okay.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Allyssa's first tooth was first noticed while she was sick. I think it was Sunday. Now, it is bothering her a lot. She was up a lot last night. We gave her oral gel, but that wasn't enough. The ants got one bottle of tylonol, dumb ants, and the other one we used while she was sick, so I didn't want to use it since she's well. At 3:30 am I left for Walmart to get a new bottle. I hadn't gotten it yet because Allyssa wasn't allowed out in public while she was sick because others germs might get her sick with something else. Our Walmart is an 18 hour store. It is not open at 3:30am. Thanks Mom for leaving a bottle in Allyssa's bathroom! I found it around 3:45 this morning (that is where I keep it, I just thought I used it already). It didn't help Allyssa sleep at all, but at least I felt better that I'd tried. She was up from 3 am to 5:45 am this morning. She didn't cry the whole time, but would only sleep if we held her. David and I took turns. Hopefully that tooth will decide to come all the way through in one day, haha!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Healthy baby

This morning Allyssa started gasping again. She did it several times while she was playing, so off to see Kia (her Certified Pediatric Nurse Practioner). We weren't able to see her last time because the office was closed, so we had to see a PA here in Raymondville. I had already decided that the PA here was a nut because an ear infection doesn't go away in less than 48 hours. Kia wasn't thrilled with the medicines they had Allyssa on. She said that Allyssa is healthy and took her off them all. I noticed that she lost half a pound in the last 12 days. Kia told me not to worry and to come back in 2 weeks to see if she is growing again. If she is, GREAT! If not, they'll check out her GI system and go from there. She might have just lost that amount because of being sick. She was sick, just not with an ear infection.

I have pictures, but Allyssa doesn't want me to post them. Time for her nap!

Saturday, February 9, 2008

I've been tagged!

So I have been tagged for the following survey. And this time I am going to participate!

A.The rules of the game are posted at the beginning.
B. Each player answers the questions about themselves.
C. At the end of the post, the player then tags 5 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

What I was doing 10 Years Ago:
I was living in Muenster. I was an 8th grader. I basically went to school, church, and confirmation class. I don't remember much about that year.

5 Things on my to-do list today: (Although the amount that actually gets done may vary, here is my list)
1. Laundry
2. Vacuum, again (third time this week)
3. Play with Allyssa
4. Make sweet potatos for Allyssa
5. Dishes

Snacks I enjoy:
Cookies, brownies, granola

Things I would do if I were a billionaire:
1. Invest enough so that I would be able to do more than is on this list
2. Set up savings for retirement
3. Set up savings for college for kids
4. Adopt a few kids
5. Buy a mini van for all those kids to ride in

3 of my bad habits:
I don't have any. (Okay maybe I procrastinate doing things that need to get done until I stress over it. Get annoyed too easily with annoying people. Leave clean laundry sitting too long (it is folded, just not put away).

5 places I have lived:
1. Farms in west Texas
2. Muenster (twice)
3. St. Louis
4. Minnesota
5. Raymondville

5 jobs I have had: (here are a few)
1. Tour Guide at the State Capitol of Texas
2. Security Guard for Concordia University, Austin (now Concordia University Texas)
3. I worked in an embroidery studio
4. I've been a furniture sales specialist in two differnt states
5. I cleaned houses

5 things people don't know about me:
1. I want to publish my own cookbook someday.
2. I started my own business last month. I sell baby shoes.
3. I lead the Women's Bible Study at church.
4. I went to college for 2 years. Made As in every class except Linear Algebra (I got a B). I am just a couple hours short of being a Senior. Even though college was wonderful, I never want to go back to school. Being a mom has always been my goal in life and having a degree doesn't make anyone a better mom.
5. I want to visit the Grand Canyon.

I would like to tag:
The Unseths

Friday, February 8, 2008

Allyssa's first illness

When we went to the doctor's office on Wednesday, Allyssa had lost a few ounces. She went from 17 lbs 12 oz to 17 lbs 7 oz. Today she was back up to 17 lbs 10 oz. The doctor said her ear infection is gone, but she still has some phleym in her lungs. She's doing great though. He said that her immune system is wonderful because she was acting normal (not fussy or groggy all day) and she only ran a low fever for about half an hour. He said that that is great and shows that she'll be well soon. She can't go to church on Sunday. He said that she has to stay away from anyone with germs. Sorry all you germy people! I'm half-way kidding. You are germy, but not real bad. :) He said that because of her age and the fact that she is sick means that she should stay away from anyone but Mommy and Daddy until Wednesday next week.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Allyssa is sick for the first time

We noticed her gasping every once in a while. We thought it was just because she was laughing so hard. She's been happy. Then we thought maybe she was doing it on purpose. That's right; we're new parents. She had no fever and was happy and playful. Then she started gasping more. I tried to get in to her doctor; no luck. They wanted me to go to the Night Clinic which works like this: Arrive at 5 and sign in. At 5:30 the first person who was there will be seen. It is a first come first serve basis. Time to try Raymondville doctors. Can't log into BCBS website. Called David's mom. She was busy. Checked the phone book. No listings for pediatritians here in Raymondville. Bawling, I went to David and forced him to come home (he was willing and happy to help, but it was bad timing). He couldn't get the website to work either and was figuring it out when I called a member of our congregation. We both got the info we needed at the same time. I called a doctor here in Raymondville. He said to call 911. A little too dramatic. I called another doctor here in Raymondville. They could see her as a walk-in (I discovered they only have walk-ins, no apts.), but they had no one in the waiting room. I went there. They don't take credit or debit. I came home and got the check book. Then, I went back. They saw her. She has bronchitis and a left ear infection caused by the same thing that caused the bronchitis. They gave me lots of prescriptions. I went to Wal-Mart pharmacy. They could fill all but the nebulizer. I went to Watson City Drug (here in Raymondville, but across town). They had it, but insurance doesn't cover it. Of course I got it anyways. Then back to Wal-Mart to get the other prescriptions. By the time we got home she'd missed 2 naps and supper was 35 minutes late. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, so David was at work the whole time.
I had to wake Allyssa up 3 times last night for her nebulizer and ear drops. Poor baby. Today she is happy and playing like always. Such a sweet girl. I can tell by her breathing that she doesn't feel well, but no sense in pouting, she knows that distraction is the best method. Sweet girl.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

8 Months Old

Allyssa is 8 months old now, as of yesterday. She went to the doctor a few days ago and weighed 17 lbs 12 oz and was 26 inches long, which is in the 45th and 50th percentiles. That means that she might be taller than her Mommy when she grows up.


I remember when I was a kid that I laughed a lot. I got in trouble every day in sixth grade by Mrs. Turner for laughing during English class. In eighth grade a teacher told me the reason, or so she thought, that I laughed, and I decided that maybe I did laugh too much. Once or twice since then I've thought that I sure did laugh a lot more when I was younger. Maybe things were just funnier. Allyssa makes me laugh now everyday. She's the funniest thing in the world! She loves it when I jump up from behind the couch and say, "Boo!" She jumps SOOO high and dies laughing! She loves to be scared by "boo!" She's funny when she plays with her toys, and she just likes to laugh all the time! She's such a happy baby!

Monday, February 4, 2008

talking up a storm

In addition to Allyssa saying "mama," "daddy," "hi," "yeah," and "hey," she now says "ha-da" and my favorite, "blah blah blah blah." I guess she figured out that that's what I say all day long, "blah blah blah blah."