Friday, June 29, 2007

Allyssa's first well-baby visit

Allyssa weighs 5 pounds 4 oz and is 17 1/2 inches long today. The doctor says she's healthy and doing fine.

Allyssa doesn't sleep at night

Allyssa woke up at 10:30pm to eat. Then she was awake until 12:30am and wanted to eat again. Then, she wouldn't close her eyes after I fed and changed her. Daddy got up and held her until 4 am. She slept; he didn't. Then, I fed her, and, again, she won't close her eyes. Alarm goes off at 5:45 am. Doctor appointment at 7 in Harlingen.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Allyssa sleeps at night

The first night Allyssa was home we slept for two hours. The rest of the time I was either holding her or feeding her. It was definatly a successful night though because come morning we were both still alive. Her second night at home she woke up at 1 to eat and fell back asleep by 2, and, then, she woke up at 4:30 to eat and fell back asleep by 6. Then, she slept until 8:30. Only two feedings at night, that's great! Today Allyssa was very active, so we'll see how she sleeps tonight!

Monday, June 25, 2007


Sunday, June 24th, Allyssa came home from the hospital. Click on the links to see her getting in the car and a little of her car ride.

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Allyssa Katherine

Allyssa Katherine was born June 5th at 1:18 pm. She was 6 weeks early according to my ultrasounds, but 7 weeks early according to the pediatrician who delivered her. She was born C-Section because I had to give birth quickly due to my preeclampsia (if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant make sure you know the symptoms of this because I didn't and it could have helped!). I got to see her for a second and give her two kisses before they took her away. David got to go with her to the Newborn ICU while they finished my surgery. I didn't see her again until Friday when I was finally allowed out of bed. She could breathe on her own, but needed a little help getting enough oxygen, so they had a hood on her, then they took that off and she got a hose (that's a step up), then she got to come off of that. She had a blue light on her for jaudice for about a day. She had a feeding tube for one week, but then she was able to take everything through a bottle (they measure everything that comes in and out of her very closely). Today she went into an open crib. That means that she gets to come home soon. I have lots of pictures of her that I'll be posting soon.