Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Interesting Stats

They might not be too interesting to you, but here are some stats about this blog:
I've had visitors from as far north as Balaton, Minnesota, as far west as El Mateo, California, and as far east as Cleveland, Ohio (obviously, I'm as far south as you can get in the US). We've had visitor from Rancho Cordova, CA, Houston and San Antonio, St. Louis, Shawnee, Kansas, and many other places. I know who some of you are, but am not sure about others. I average 10 visits a day, and each visitor averages a one minute stay. Post a comment and let us all know where you are! And I'll try to get some pictures up for you all to look at!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I've been working on other projects. Pictures soon.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Still no pictures

However, Allyssa has a new game. She raises one or both hands in the air, waiting for us to do the same. She waves them around. We'll do it to her, and she'll do it back. It is funny!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

San Antonio

Friday afternoon we walked along the Riverwalk. I was feeling bad that we couldn't put Allyssa down to play, so we wound up at the Alamo's grassy area. We didn't really look at the Alamo. We just let Allyssa play in the grass. She had a great time picking at it and trying to eat everything. She didn't really want to crawl in it though. We had been talking about what to do on Saturday as we were walking back to our hotel that afternoon when we decided to see what time the riverboats opened in the morning. We couldn't find the person who was supposed to be selling tickets because they ran out of something and went somewhere to get it, so we asked some man. He happened to be a marketing guy for a timeshare place. He said that if we went to the seminar Saturday morning that they would give us $50 and a free trip. The free trip sounded great, so we decided to go. Allyssa did not like going at all, and we couldn't get the guy to shut up and let us get our free trip. Eventually we got away from San Antonio. We had a great time and felt like we had been gone a long time (in a good way). We can't wait to use our free trip to go back next time we need to get away.

San Antonio

I would love to post some pictures, but I can't. The thingy that moves the pictures from the camera to the computer is locked up in the church in David's briefcase. Oops! Sorry! It will probably be a few days. Here's what we did though:
We went to supper at Fuddrucker's. There was a drunk homeless man on the floor when we came in. I saw him and he saw me, but David' didn't know he was there for a while. Then a worker saw him. They told a manager. The manager woke him (he wasn't really asleep, remember I told you he looked at me, well he did that a lot while we were eating, but it didn't bother me, what else did he have to do, we were the only ones there). And told him to leave. He didn't. She told him again, and again, and again. Tons of times. Then said she would have to call the police if he didn't go. Did he want that? He said that he didn't. She told him again and again and again. She must have threatened that for 15 minutes. No joke. Finally, she did call the police who kicked him to wake him, tried to get him to walk out, and eventually dragged him out. Then they talked to him outside as we left. Very interesting. It didn't bother us. I think he wanted the police to come. At least he had a place to sleep that night.
On Friday we went to the zoo. It was great. Allyssa loved it. She fell asleep as we were walking to the car and slept all the way through lunch. We ate at Taco Taco Cafe. It is so good they had to name it twice. Okay I didn't make that up, it was on the shirts of the employees. It was that good. I recommend it. It is near the zoo. The sign on their door says to wait to be called in because they don't have room inside. They are not joking. Wait outside. They'll call you in. They only have about 10 small tables. Good food though. Try the chiliquiles, but make sure who ever is with you gets a taco. They are big tacos. You'll want to snitch a bite.
More later, Allyssa is awake.

Monday, April 14, 2008

April 4

Are they done yet? April 4

Mommy and Allyssa (April 4)

Daddy and Allyssa (April 4th)

South Padre Island, April 4

We got to go to the island on David's day off. Hooray! These are jellyfish. There were a lot of them washed up on the beach that day.

Mmmm, Yummy! April 1

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Hope you enjoyed the new posts!

That's all I've got ready for now. Last night after we read Allyssa her story, Aiti started howling. David and I said, "Aiti, howwwww." Aiti howls, so that is the noise we tell Allyssa. She said, "howwww" back to us! It was so funny!

Do you want fries with that? March 31st

Camera lover; March 31st

I am able to take fewer and fewer pictures as Allyssa's love for the camera grows. Everytime she sees it, she wants to wave it around and pound it into the ceramic tile floor. Most pictures end up like this one as she is trying to get the camera. She's cute even then!

The Musician of the Family; March 31st

Allyssa loves to bang on her "pianos." More often than not, they wind up upside down in her lap. She loves them.

March 30th

This is a different lizard that was on the wall a few days later. This is the last huge lizard we've seen. We saw a molting one yesterday though!

March 30, Sunday Dress

March 29th

This huge lizard was on our house. I've looked for it since then, but it is gone.

March 28th

Allyssa was given an early birthday present. She loved opening it. Now she loves playing with it. It sings nursery rhymes, and she dances to them.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy Days

It has been very busy here. I haven't gone through the pictures to figure out which ones to post, but Allyssa has been having a lot of fun. She is crawling up on all fours most of the time now. She put a ring back on her Rock-a-Stack on Friday and put cups inside of each other (stackable cups that fit in each other or stack tall) today. She started dancing last week. It began with shaking her head "no" with a huge grin. Then, she started shaking her shoulders. Now she'll shake everything. If she is crawling and decides to dance, she'll rock back and forth. It is a problem when she is trying to get to Daddy across the room and music starts playing. She'll stop crawling and dance, then remember to crawl, then remember to dance.... Finally, she does reach her destination. She is so much fun! We took her to the beach on Friday. It was a great day. We thought she was getting sick on Sunday because she woke up with a dry diaper, but then she wet two right away. Guess she just forgot to pee in her sleep. She is happy and playful and doesn't have a fever. Silly girl. Maybe she thought I was serious when I asked her to potty train herself tomorrow. I keep saying that to her, but tomorrow isn't here yet. We're planning a mini vacation for this weekend. Can't wait!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Words and Games

This weekend Allyssa also started saying "ba-na" or "bababa" for banana. We got a box in the mail that she decided to put blocks into and take block out of. Cute girl.