Sunday, May 31, 2009

Recent Update

I updated quickly and totally backwards, but enjoy the photos anyways!! :) We are going to start potty training Allyssa tomorrow and David, Jr. had a doctor apt on Tuesday for his tummy troubles. He is definatly doing better with the medicine than without (we know this for sure because we forgot a dose and were reminded of what it was like before), but he still seems to feel poorly. We hope to get more answers and suggestions on how to help him feel better.

Allyssa's vacation

These pictures were taken May 15th and 16th. This is Allyssa with her cousin Kyle and with Grandma. Kyle is one month older than David, Jr.

May photos

My dad holding David was on May 19th when he brought Allyssa home from her weekend trip to visit my parents.
The one with David in a red onesie is from May 17th.
The one with David in blue is from May 16th.

May 25th

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David Jr's trip to the doctor

Today was David's 2 month check up. He had immunizations. He is 13 pounds and 21 1/2 inches long today. We talked with the doctor about his problems. Here's the list:
1. We know that he has a "tight tongue."
2. We know that he swallows a lot of air when he eats.
3. We know that he doesn't latch on correctly due to his tight tongue.
4. He is gassy.
5. He spits up a lot; sometimes just after he eats he'll spit up practically everything that went down; sometimes he spits up a couple of hours after he ate.
6. He does not like to lie down on his back, ever.
7. Raising his crib to an angle when he sleeps helps some, but he still doesn't sleep well at night.
8. If he is awake, he is crying and fussy. No exceptions.
9. He doesn't sleep for long periods of time without waking to scream.

The doctor we saw today agreed that there is a problem. While she didn't come out and say it, we believe she thinks he has acid reflux because she prescribed him Zantac. We are going to try it for 2 weeks and go back in for another check up to see how things are going. He hasn't been able to see his normal doctor for the last two well baby visits because she was on maternity leave. She will be back for his next appointment, so we'll get to have some consistency. That will be good since he's been to the doctor three times and has seen someone different each time.

I'm still not convinced that we shouldn't have his tight tongue fixed. I figure that we might as well fix it when he's a baby and won't remember rather than when he is a toddler or young child. Tight tongue can also cause a speech impediment, so there is another reason why I don't understand the hesitation to clip it. This is an issue I'll be discussing at his next appointment.

Sorry, no photos this time. I've got some, they just aren't ready to be posted yet.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

This week

This week has been so busy that I almost literally feel dizzy. I'm not really sure what has made it feel so busy except that this is how it went:
I went to the store several times this week because I was trying to get ready for a baby shower and bought things for it, then more people said they were coming (YAY!), so I had to run back to the store to get more favor bags and cups, in addition to our normal trip to the store for groceries. Going to the store is a huge task now since there are two kids to load and unload. Plus I had to get dog food one of those times. Getting dog food with kids isn't easy.
Monday David had volleyball and was gone from 7pm to 9pm, so I put the kids to bed myself (I don't say that to sound like I did it all myself, but to point out that I usually have help and I didn't and I missed it! My husband is so good to me and helps take care of the kids more than a lot of husbands, and I greatly appreciate that!)
Tuesday David had 2 meetings at church and was in and out of the house all evening between meetings. It made for an awkward evening.
Wednesday I had a playdate in the morning. Then David had a meeting in the early evening. Then after the kids went to bed some friends of ours came over to play 42.
Today is Thursday, and the kids and I had a busy morning. After breakfast we quickly got ready and got in the car. We stopped by Walmart on our way out of town for a bag of ice and to fill the car up with gas. Then we drove to Harlingen to go to a park where I was throwing a baby shower for a good friend of mine. We got there at 8:40. The shower started at 9. It went really well. Lots of friends came to celebrate with us. We left at 11:15. By then both kids were very cranky. Stickers helped Allyssa feel better, but I can't reach David, Jr.'s mouth in the car to give him a pacifier, so he cried the last 10 minutes of our car ride home.
Now, it is time to make supper, get Allyssa packed for her trip, and get some laundry unwrikled that sat too long, and get some other laundry washed. I also hope to get the kitchen tidied for the millionth time this week.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The final photos

Note to Grandmas: Only look at this post if you want to spoil your suprise.

May 7, 2009 I had Allyssa paint some picture frames for Grandma Vandercook and Grandma Drachenberg for Mother's Day. Yup, they got them late! Oh well, at least they had photos in them, right?! Allyssa had a great time painting. She even painted the paint roller, which had green paint on it, yellow. She got a lot of paint on the bucket. Probably more on the bucket than on the wood. It was her first time to paint and was a lot of fun.

A friend's birthday party

May 6th we went to a friend's second birthday party. Allyssa wasn't sure about climbing into the pool, so she stayed out of it and splashed from the sidelines. I wasn't going to force her to get in, and she was having fun, so I just let her play that way. The cake is an idea from Betty Crocker. Our friends had bought a birthday cake from HEB, but because they had to postpone the party due to swine flu, they had to make a new cake. They were wondering what to do about a cake, so I told them what I'm doing for Allyssa, and they liked the idea. I am going to make a train car using their idea for Allyssa's birthday. I started this tradition a few years ago with one of David's birthday cakes, but didn't really make it a tradition until Allyssa's first birthday (well, I guess really my 24th birthday because it is 2 days before Allyssa's and I got a special shape, too). Our tradition is this: Birthday cakes must be extra special in some way, for example a special shape using pans and dishes that we already have at home or a special flavor (like David's peppermint poke cake from last year, which I think is Betty Crocker, too, it was a variation found on the cake box). If possible, the cake should always be a special shape, but if not possible due to the special flavor, that is okay. Also, the birthday person is not allowed to make their own cake. (I guess if Allyssa wanted to help stir stuff in, that would be okay, it is more that I don't make my own cake.) Alright, so go check out Betty Crocker's website and find a fun cake to make!

Aparently I put him in that onesie a lot

May 6, 2009

Fun on the slide, a goofy girl, and flowers

The flowers are from our yard. Allyssa eats the very top of a cupcake off first, then eats the rest of it. And Allyssa decided that going down the slide head first is the best way to do it!

David smiles!

May 2, 2009

Trip to San Antonio

We went to SA to visit with Jon and Mary. Jon was David's supervising pastor when David was on vicarage in Minnesota. With them being so close to us, we thought, we'd make the trip. Here are photos of a parade that we saw (it was Feista weekend) and a fountain that is on the River Walk that Allyssa fell into causing me to jump in and save her. She was/is fine. And a picture of David and Allyssa back at home after Allyssa caught a virus that wiped her out for about 3 days. She probably caught the virus when she fell in the water (she went totally under, so certainly she got some germs). Since that incident, our camera has been on the fritz. (I jumped in quickly and didn't take the camera off my wrist, so it also went totally under.) So we didn't get picture of Jon and Mary or other photos that we would have wanted. And since then we've gotten the camera to work for short periods of time, but now it is totally dead. I have a few more pictures to show you, but until we get a new camera, that will be it. April 24, 2009

Cleaning the bike

Here are David and Allyssa cleaning David's bike while David, Jr. takes a nap. April 22, 2009

Thursday, May 7, 2009

And the last of the old if I just could get the new ones off my camera before they are old...

I had the sprinkler on one morning to water the lawn. Allyssa had her bear outside and decided that they should go check it out.

More old pictures

David on April 21st.

I always get my pictures backwards and figure that it takes more time to rearrange them than to just let it go, so here are the shots in reverse order. April 18th, David and Allyssa put our new swingset together. April 19th, Allyssa got to go down the slide for the first time. It took a little encouraging, but she did it. We were clapping for her and telling her to go down because it was fun, so her clapping is in response to us. She hadn't gone down yet, but she loved it once she did. She now will even go down on her tummy, head first. She figured that one out on her own. And the on it to enlarge the photo. I saw this bird out the window and had to go out and get a picture of it. I wish I knew what kind it was. It was beautiful.