Wednesday, April 22, 2009

I got my laundry balls that I talked about here. I tried them out on a load of towels today. Success!! The towels don't have a scent to them like I'm used to (but this comes from the perfumes in the soap and drier sheets that I didn't use because I used the laundry balls, so their shouldn't have been a scent), but they smelled clean. The lint trap had less than half of the lint it usually has in it. I am really pleased with the laundry and drier balls! Tomorrow I try clothes!

Monday, April 20, 2009

David's stats

David had his one month check up today. He is 10 pounds 8 oz. and 21 inches tall. He is healthy. His belly button thingy has not fallen off yet, but after talking to my sister about it, I learned that the reason is because we've been cleaning it with alcohol. Turns out when they are cleaned, they take longer to fall off. Her son's only took a few days. Good to know. I stopped cleaning it yesterday in hopes that it will fall off soon.
I hope to get a picture of him taken today so that I can let you know what he looks like. Meanwhile, here is one from the Saturday before Easter (April 11).

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Going Green...Again

Well, I guess I'm at it again. Last year about this time, I switched to cloth diapers. This year, I'm trying the Washer and Dryer Balls from True Green. Basically, you don't have to buy laundry soap or dryer sheets if you use these balls which don't have harmful chemicals and claim to clean your clothes and keep them static free. I hope they work. I should get them in a couple of weeks. I can't wait to try them out.

Monday, April 13, 2009


Here's what our Easter looked like:
David woke up early to get to church by 6:30. David Jr. woke up about the same time. He didn't think he needed more sleep after he ate, so I got him dressed and played with him before putting him down for a nap. Then I got Allyssa's breakfast made and her out of bed. Then, I got us girls dressed and our teeth brushed. Then I got the diaper bag ready and fed David again. Then we headed over to church. Allyssa carried her own booster seat because we were going to have breakfast there, too. It happend to fall during the middle of the morning, so Allyssa got a big snack! After the breakfast we went to church. Church seemed really long to me because I had two kids to care for and one kept taking her shoes off right before we had to get up to go to the front for the Children's Message and then again for Communion. After that we chatted for a while and came home. David made grilled cheese sandwiches for lunch while I fed David Jr. Then we ate and put the kids to bed. We were too tired for an additional Easter egg hunt (Allyssa had one on Thursday and one Saturday, so she didn't get ripped off really). We had to go to the store and get milk. Friends brought us supper which was so nice of them to do. We had trouble getting the kids to sleep. Then we went to sleep. It was quite a day. Really didn't feel like Easter to me. I think that it didn't because I didn't really get to experience Lent, since there was no somberness, the joy of Easter was lost. That and I really enjoy the sunrise service the best at Easter, but with little ones, it is too hard to get to church early enough for that. Eventually...

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Party and stuff that happend this week

We'll start with the stuff and move to the Easter Party. David asked Allyssa to spell her name and she replied with "A-L-L-A-L-L-A-A-A-A-A" Pretty darn good for a 22 month old.

Today was the MOPS Easter Party at Heather's house. It was so much fun! When we got to Heather's house, Allyssa asked if she could take her book with her. I told her no. That was okay with her. Next she asked if she could take "Da-bad with you." Yes, we took David with us. Allyssa did really well hunting for eggs. It was too cute. She wasn't happy that she couldn't open all the eggs and eat the candy, but after she almost choked on the first piece I gave her, I realized that she is too young for that kind of candy. Poor kiddo. At least one egg had some stickers in it. I'll let her play with those later. After the egg hunt, I tried to have her dye an egg. Worst. Idea. Ever. Her clothes, face, and my hands are dyed yellow. Then, I let her eat some. It was a little late for snack time and a little early for lunch. She pretty much just snacked the rest of the afternoon. Then she watched other kids hit the pinata. Then she attempted the "egg" walk for a little goodie bag prize. Thankfully, she didn't have to be good at it to get a prize because every kid got a prize. We took a group picture that I don't even know if Allyssa was in. David slept through most of the day. I nursed him once and then other people held him. Allyssa was overtired when we left. When we got home, I tried to put her down for a nap. David was fussy and needed attention, so she didn't get put down well. I'm not sure if she slept at all. I tried to get her to go to sleep again later, but then David started crying again, so she didn't get put down well again. So she is in her crib for another few minutes awake. Then I'll get her out and probably have a terrible afternoon with her. David's "schedule" is also all out of whack. He hasn't had much awake time today, so let's hope he has a good night anyways. It was a fun morning at Heather's, but I could have had a better nap time.

Really need to figure out how to get this girl to take a nap without having to be rocked. It would make life a lot easier.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I remembered from this past weekend and an update

When Mike got here, Allyssa went out to see him. She looked at him and at her Daddy and was very confused. She called them both "Daddy" for a few minutes, then she started calling Mike "Mike." Later, she got confused again and started calling Mike "Rick." This wouldn't make any sense at all except that she knew that Mike was one of the people that she looks at in the photo albums and that Rick is one of the people that is in the photo albums, too. She remember that she knew Mike but simply forgot his name. It was really funny.

Allyssa actually went to bed on time last night! Hooray! Today, she slept in, so she had trouble going down for a nap, but she is taking one.

David had a better night last night. I was feeding him on one side, changing his diaper, then feeding him on the other because he would fall asleep during his feeding. Sadly, then he would be too worked up to fall back asleep, so I tried changing him first then feeding him. I also tried stopping him from eating after a few minutes and burping him to get the air out that he swallows at the begining of his feeding because of my fast milk flow. This helped a lot because that air was being forced into his intestines by all the milk (according to the Maternity Leave Guide to Breastfeeding book) and couldn't be burped out. That also seemed to help. He didn't get a full feeding each time he ate, I don't think because towards the end of the night he was eating every 2 hours instead of every 3 or 3 1/2. We'll keep trying though.

Monday, April 6, 2009

David's baptism

Here are a few photos. We had a great weekend celebrating with Mike and Kati (David's sponsors) and their son, Caleb, along with David Jr.'s great Grandma Piehl, and with both sets of grandparents. David didn't cry at all during the baptism, although he was very hungry, but he had a pacifier in his mouth, so he couldn't make a peep. I fed him a little before the pictures and finsihed after the pictures because we were trying to get home to get Allyssa lunch because she was famished. It was a lot of fun having 2 toddlers and one infant all in the same pew at church. The kids did great.