Saturday, June 23, 2007

Allyssa Katherine

Allyssa Katherine was born June 5th at 1:18 pm. She was 6 weeks early according to my ultrasounds, but 7 weeks early according to the pediatrician who delivered her. She was born C-Section because I had to give birth quickly due to my preeclampsia (if you are pregnant or planning on becoming pregnant make sure you know the symptoms of this because I didn't and it could have helped!). I got to see her for a second and give her two kisses before they took her away. David got to go with her to the Newborn ICU while they finished my surgery. I didn't see her again until Friday when I was finally allowed out of bed. She could breathe on her own, but needed a little help getting enough oxygen, so they had a hood on her, then they took that off and she got a hose (that's a step up), then she got to come off of that. She had a blue light on her for jaudice for about a day. She had a feeding tube for one week, but then she was able to take everything through a bottle (they measure everything that comes in and out of her very closely). Today she went into an open crib. That means that she gets to come home soon. I have lots of pictures of her that I'll be posting soon.

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