Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Tuberculosis Scare of 2007

Drew Speaker (Atlanta personal-injury lawyer)went on an aircraft with milti-drug-resistant tuberculosis earlier this year, but that wasn't the only tuberculosis scare this year. When Allyssa was in the hospital when she was born, someone there (we suspect a nurse, but they keep those things under wraps) had tuberculosis. All the babies in the NICU for an undisclosed amount of time (I met someone who had a 7 month old being tested. My baby is 5 months old.) are being tested for it. The health department came to my home, unannounced, and told me that they needed to test Allyssa right away, in our home. They tested her on Monday. They told us to go to Harlingen and get a chest x-ray on Tuesday. Today they came back to read her arm. It was negative! Thank you all who knew and were praying for her. She'll be re-tested in 8 to 10 weeks. This is because they do not know how developed the immune system is for a baby that premature. It is just an extra precaution.

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