Monday, May 5, 2008


I hope you enjoy the pictures. That's as many as I have ready right now. At least I'm not a month behind, only a few weeks behind now. Today Allyssa was 11 months old! Happy Cinco de Mayo! This morning all she wanted to do was practice walking. She's never done that before. She walked around the wall that separates the living room and kitchen at least a dozen times, and then did it some more throughout the day. I guess that she decided that at 11 months she should be learning that. She also gave up her morning nap. I could see this one coming, but wasn't thrilled about it. The past couple of days she slept in much later than her normal 5:20 or 5:40. Sunday, she was very obstinate about taking a nap, but took a brief one. She cried longer than she napped. So, today, she cried for a while and I decided that it was enough. She actually did well. She took her normal afternoon nap at the right time and for a normal length (an hour and a half these days). Big girl! One more month until the big day!

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