Monday, August 25, 2008

Hair brushes and clothes

I'm still not posting pictures, but if you are grandparents you'll see her soon!
This happend this morning:
I got up and got dressed, but I hadn't brushed my hair because my hairbrush was in the wrong room. I went into the kitchen and was telling Allyssa that my hair looked nuts as I got some cereal ready to eat for myself. I asked her to go find a hairbrush for me. She tottered off and found her little baby hairbrush and brought it back to me in the kitchen all by herself.
Then a few minutes later, I was still eating cereal, she started carrying around a pair of Texas Tech shorts. Listen up Papa, you're going to be proud. I played with her for a while with them, folding them and giving them to her. Finally, when she handed them to me and lifted up her leg, I figured out that she wanted them on. I put them on her, and they matched her pink onesie very well. Black, red, and pink. What style! Off she tottered again. This time, she came back with her Texas Tech shirt!!! She picked them both out of the stack of laundry in the living room. Oh, how proud you must be Papa, you have a granddaughter who is a fan as big as you!!!


papa said...

She know this is the week the the new season starts.

Guns up

Grandma said...

That is great!! I love it!

sarah Black said...

So should I return the little burnt orange T-shirt? :)