Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Things I loved: Sippy Cups

The blue sippy cup is made by Playtex. It is a no-spill cup. The lid screws on and the spout is hard plastic. It is great for babies with teeth. The pink cup is by Gerber. It is a great first cup. The spout is soft plastic, so it is easy to suck on for learners. The lid also is a screw on lid. Do not bother buying the sippy cups with the pop on lids no matter how enticing the 97 cent sign at Wal-mart is! The lids pop off and make a mess all over the floor. Also, the little thingy that makes the cup work is hard plastic and will pop out making the liquid run out quickly and not need to be sucked on. They are a sure bet for a big mess.

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