Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Mom's thoughts

Yesterday I was thinking about all that needed to get done. The laundry (gotta get David's black slacks clean in case those are the ones he wants to wear for the funeral, still have sheets on the guest beds from when people were here), food for the baby (I need to make pears, apples, avocado, lentils, and corn), put away the Christmas decor (still looks like Christmas day here!), clean the ... whole house, and show off all my Christmas photos on my blog. In addition to that I need to spend every waking (Allyssa's waking, not mine) with her because everytime I turn around she's doing something cute or new. She pulled to standing for Daddy yesterday without me. I'd been practicing that with her all day!! And spend half of Allyssa's naps with her because that's how long it takes to successfully lay her down. Get supper made. Fold the laundry. Get out a new size of clothes for Allyssa because she's growing so fast. Put away a few clothes of hers because I never put her in them or they are stained or she's out grown them. But make sure that I have Allyssa with me because she might be cute or funny! And don't do chores while I play with her because I need to tell her that she's holding a red ring or stack her blocks up so that she can knock them over, and sing to her and tell her what we can see, and encourage her to crawl (she's a little inch worm!!). So when does the rest get done? Later. Or in that time span between 8:15 and my bedtime. If I don't get a shower tonight, well...I need a shower tonight.


Katy said...

Whew!! Sounds like you are busy. Hope you find time to do something fun for you, maybe as simple as enjoying your shower, rather than rushing through to the next thing.
I feel super-busy too. I think it hits hard this time of year with New Year's Resolutions. Peace!!

Anonymous said...

Remember to breathe--Psalm 46:10