Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Monday we went in to get a skin test for Allyssa to see if she had the TB germ and if treatment needed to be continued (as you recall, she was being treated for TB for the last 2 months). Today we went in to get it read. Negative. She never even had the stupid germ. It makes me so mad. She had to be tested twice, take a pill every day crushed up in her food, and go to see the Health Dept. for check-ups several times. How many naps did they ruin? Several. Today she took a nap on the way home from the Health Dept. She slept 15 min. She won't nap again until after lunch. How many days did they make me worry? Too many. Stupid TB. Stupid hospital. Stupid NICU. Stupid Health Dept.

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