Sunday, January 20, 2008


Just thought I'd post a little update for those of you who've been asking me questions. Allyssa isn't do anything "new," but she is getting better at lots of things. She loves to try to pull herself to standing from sitting. She also likes to put her little bottom in the air when she is attempting to crawl. I hear that that means she's getting closer to crawling. For those of you who have been asking about her sleeping she still wakes up in the night - at least twice. We figure she will until she is at least a toddler, so we've just decided to be fine with that. She's so cute who wouldn't want to get up in the middle of the night to see her anyway? As for naps, still 3 that last 20 min each. She is very active during the day and doesn't want to miss a thing. She doesn't want to be out of anyone's sight and she wants to be in whatever everyone else is in, so mainly we play with her on the floor. By the way, Allyssa's blocks have been confiscated by her Mommy and Daddy who love to spell words with them. She is about 17 1/2 pounds and growing every day. She's eating a wide variety of food that now includes meat. Still has a toothless grin, but she drools a lot! Yesterday her drool fell on the dog's whiskers. Aiti was very perplexed and had trouble trying to lick it off. It was really funny.

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gretchen said...

Hey Laura!
I love the way you put it about getting up at night. Although I probably wouldn't mind getting up less at night, I agree-it is fun to see our little ones then, too! Nicely put!

Sounds like Allyssa has the same sleeping habits during the day as Ethan. He won't nap longer than 20 minutes ever. Silly babies! Too many things to explore!