Monday, April 7, 2008

Busy Days

It has been very busy here. I haven't gone through the pictures to figure out which ones to post, but Allyssa has been having a lot of fun. She is crawling up on all fours most of the time now. She put a ring back on her Rock-a-Stack on Friday and put cups inside of each other (stackable cups that fit in each other or stack tall) today. She started dancing last week. It began with shaking her head "no" with a huge grin. Then, she started shaking her shoulders. Now she'll shake everything. If she is crawling and decides to dance, she'll rock back and forth. It is a problem when she is trying to get to Daddy across the room and music starts playing. She'll stop crawling and dance, then remember to crawl, then remember to dance.... Finally, she does reach her destination. She is so much fun! We took her to the beach on Friday. It was a great day. We thought she was getting sick on Sunday because she woke up with a dry diaper, but then she wet two right away. Guess she just forgot to pee in her sleep. She is happy and playful and doesn't have a fever. Silly girl. Maybe she thought I was serious when I asked her to potty train herself tomorrow. I keep saying that to her, but tomorrow isn't here yet. We're planning a mini vacation for this weekend. Can't wait!

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