Tuesday, April 15, 2008

San Antonio

Friday afternoon we walked along the Riverwalk. I was feeling bad that we couldn't put Allyssa down to play, so we wound up at the Alamo's grassy area. We didn't really look at the Alamo. We just let Allyssa play in the grass. She had a great time picking at it and trying to eat everything. She didn't really want to crawl in it though. We had been talking about what to do on Saturday as we were walking back to our hotel that afternoon when we decided to see what time the riverboats opened in the morning. We couldn't find the person who was supposed to be selling tickets because they ran out of something and went somewhere to get it, so we asked some man. He happened to be a marketing guy for a timeshare place. He said that if we went to the seminar Saturday morning that they would give us $50 and a free trip. The free trip sounded great, so we decided to go. Allyssa did not like going at all, and we couldn't get the guy to shut up and let us get our free trip. Eventually we got away from San Antonio. We had a great time and felt like we had been gone a long time (in a good way). We can't wait to use our free trip to go back next time we need to get away.

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