Monday, December 8, 2008

Pregnancy Stuff

I never can decide which blog to put stuff about my pregnancy stuff on this one or that one. Everything is going well. My pee and blood looked good that they stole from me Thanksgiving week. Isn't that nice? As of right now there are no signs of preeclampsia which is great because I had symptoms this early with Allyssa. I am having hip problems. The doctor said it was a nerve, but it really feels like a joint problem. The doctor is probably right and I just don't know what a nerve problem feels like. It isn't fun. It used to only be a problem every once in a while when I would be walking and would only last a minute or two. Now my back is sore, and I'm convinced that is related to the hip, and it hurts when I lay down (sleeping is not fun), and when I sit sometimes, and especially when I get up. The doctor said that if my hip didn't get better soon (and this was a month ago) that it wouldn't until after I gave birth. Looks like I'm in it for the duration. She said that the uterus or something would be moving and that would either relieve my pain or not. Boo. It didn't help.

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