Monday, December 15, 2008

Sleep change

We've changed Allyssa's bedtime routine by adding putting away toys and subtracting rocking. We were putting her toys away for her, but now she is required to help. She doesn't care for it because she is tired and she sees toys she'd still like to play with, but everything takes time and she will learn. As far as not rocking Allyssa, that has gone well. For the week and a half or so before we took away rocking, Allyssa was not falling asleep when we rocked her anyways. She was going to bed awake and staying awake for up to an hour and a half before falling asleep on her own. She always was put in her crib at 7:30. Now she is put in her crib with no rocking at about 7:15 or 7:20. Saturday was the first try. She was up for 1 hour before falling asleep. That was typical of a normal day, so we weren't frustrated with the results. Sunday, she was holding a stuffed dog, so David put her to bed with it. She fell asleep on her own within 20 minutes. No crying. Some fussing. Today we gave her the dog. No crying or fussing. Asleep withing 15 minutes. I think she likes this new bedtime routine (except for the putting toys away part).

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