Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm all about a schedule. I like them very much. I feel like life is much less hectic and chaotic with one. Here is Allyssa's current schedule (and I am LOVING it):

6:30 am sometimes arouses to get a pacifier and will either play quietly or fall back asleep; other days she sleeps right through

7:00-7:30 am Allyssa wakes up. After waking she likes to stay in her crib with one of us there talking with her for a few minutes. Then, we dress her.

7:00-7:45 am Somewhere in this time Allyssa eats breakfast. She eats oatmeal often and will eat an entire adult serving. She also likes omlets (thank you Sarah for the omlet pot!!), pancakes, and French toast.

After breakfast she usually gets her second diaper of the day, but it is play time.

Somewhere around 8:30 we get Mommy all ready for the day and say goodbye to Daddy.

She often wants to play outside at 9, but not always. We will also go on short shopping trips to get groceries at this time about twice a week.

Recently, she has given up her morning snack. I ask her if she wants one at 9:30, and if she doesn't she tells me what she wants to play with. We play together inside or outside until 11 when she begins to tell me that Daddy needs to come home and she wants to eat and take a nap. We look for Daddy out the window and change her diaper. Then we start getting lunch ready while we look for Daddy.

11:30 am: Lunch

11:45 am: Nap

1:30 or 2 pm: Nap over. Snack time. During snack time, I cook supper and stick it in the refrigerator to be heated later.

After snack: play indoors or out. Allyssa gets ready for Daddy to come home around 4. I try to stall her with toys, going outside or sweeping. She loves to help sweep and vacuum the kitchen.

5pm: Supper gets stuck in the microwave. Daddy gets home.

5:15 or 5:30: Supper

Right after supper right now we do Advent devos that she really loves. They only last a couple of minutes, but they are the highlight of her evening. After supper she plays with the nativity by the Christmas tree or any other toy she wants.

6:30: Milk. Allyssa doesn't need a snack most nights before bed, but she will occasionally ask for one. She does drink some milk before bed every night.

6:45: Bath time occurs every other day. If David is the one giving her a bath, he starts 5 minutes later than I do.

7:00: If it is a non-bath night getting dressed for bed happens now.

7:05: If it is a bath night, getting dressed for bed happens now.

7:15: 2 books and lots of kisses

7:15: Rock for 15 minutes
7:30: Put to bed, awake or asleep. She often will fall asleep on her own these days after we lay her down. If not, she gets re-rocked around 8 but that doesn't happen very often any more.

She has been sleeping through the night more and more regularly, but sometimes she does wake up. Last night she did because of a stupid train that blared its horn the whole way through town and was going at snail's pace because of road construction. Allyssa didn't sleep through that and needed a pacifier and to be tucked back in, then she fell right asleep.

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