Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Things I remembered from this past weekend and an update

When Mike got here, Allyssa went out to see him. She looked at him and at her Daddy and was very confused. She called them both "Daddy" for a few minutes, then she started calling Mike "Mike." Later, she got confused again and started calling Mike "Rick." This wouldn't make any sense at all except that she knew that Mike was one of the people that she looks at in the photo albums and that Rick is one of the people that is in the photo albums, too. She remember that she knew Mike but simply forgot his name. It was really funny.

Allyssa actually went to bed on time last night! Hooray! Today, she slept in, so she had trouble going down for a nap, but she is taking one.

David had a better night last night. I was feeding him on one side, changing his diaper, then feeding him on the other because he would fall asleep during his feeding. Sadly, then he would be too worked up to fall back asleep, so I tried changing him first then feeding him. I also tried stopping him from eating after a few minutes and burping him to get the air out that he swallows at the begining of his feeding because of my fast milk flow. This helped a lot because that air was being forced into his intestines by all the milk (according to the Maternity Leave Guide to Breastfeeding book) and couldn't be burped out. That also seemed to help. He didn't get a full feeding each time he ate, I don't think because towards the end of the night he was eating every 2 hours instead of every 3 or 3 1/2. We'll keep trying though.

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