Monday, June 15, 2009

"Bad Mommy" Day

Today is one of those Bad Mommy Days. David is out visiting today, so it is just me and the kids for a good portion of the day (he's usually home for lunch and helps get naps started before going back to work). Knowing this, I decided last night that today needed to be an easy day. No trips to the grocery store. Nothing needs to get done. Just get through the day as happy as possible. Everything was going well for a while. David, Jr. was playing happily on the floor when Allyssa needed to go potty. Allyssa is in training right now. (I hope you caught that little piece of humor.) Off we race to the potty. She sits a while. Nothing. She sits a while...oh she peed! Horray. She sits a really long while. David starts to cry. She stands up, asks me to dump her potty in the toilet. I thought she was all done, and I could go get David. Nope, she promptly sits back down and pees some more. Stands up, has me dump it; sits back down, pees again.... I think it was a total of 5 times. By the time we got her hands clean and a diaper back on, David was very, very, very, very upset. I rocked him, cuddled him. He calmed down. Then a little bit later, while I was holding him, he got fussy. He was tired. So I put him down, and he promptly fell asleep. Good! Or so I thought. Lunch was coming...maybe he'd sleep through it, and I'd get Allyssa down for a nap before he woke up to eat. Oh Momma, you've got a lot to learn. He woke up about the time that we sat down to eat. He was very happy to look around all swaddled up for a few minutes. Then, the swaddling became annoying, so I unwrapped him and moved him from one bouncy seat to the other so that he could play with the toys the other one has. (He sleeps in the day in his bouncy seat because the angle is good for his acid reflux.) Knowing that I was about to take Allyssa to bed for her nap, I put the fun bouncy seat in the room farthest from Allyssa's bedroom for him to play. He played happily while we finished lunch. Good! Or so I thought. Allyssa was done eating, so I took her to her room. Unfortunatly for us, we still rock her to sleep for her nap. I no sooner sit down to rock her than I hear David all the way across the house screaming loudly for someone to please come pick him up and feed him. Poor baby. Being the clueless mom that I am, I decide to make him wait in hopes that Allyssa will fall asleep quickly. I count to 120 and she's not even close to asleep. Darn the luck. I think about the situation one more time, realizing that we might have a no-nap day if I put her down now. I put her in her crib, wide awake. I rush to David, feed him, burp him, and proceed to hold him upright for the prescribed 30 minutes (acid reflux, remember?). All the while being serenaded with sounds of my daughter singing her name over the monitor. "A-L-L-Y-S-S-A Allyssa is my name." I put David down for his nap and contemplate whether or not I should go to her and try to rock her to sleep or not. She isn't crying. I want her to fall asleep on her own. I won't go, I decide. An hour and a half passes since I first layed her down in her crib. She's still awake. I hear her say "Up. Up." Then, I hear her say "Go potty." That one was very quiet, but I heard it. I rush in, scoop her up, take her to the potty. She says, "Uh-Oh. Allyssa peed diaper." "That's okay," I assure her. "Do you have any more?" Sure enough she does. Woo HOO!! I wash her hands, bring her one green and one blue M&M, just as requested. I look at the clock as I walk in her room. 1:36. I put on a fresh diaper, wrap her up in her blanket and give her her dog. I sit down to rock her. She falls asleep quickly. I put my sleepy girl in her crib. As I close the door to her room, I glance at her clock. 1:41. As I head back to the other side of the house, I think about the ice cream that I'm going to eat while she sleeps. NAPTIME!!

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