Tuesday, June 2, 2009

David Jr.'s trip to the doctor

David is 13 pounds 11 oz and 23 inches long today. I took a really long list of "Things I know" to Kia today. Kia is out CPNP (Certified Pediatric Nurse Practioner), and we love her. We never actually see a doctor. We try really hard to see Kia and usually get to see her. She is awesome. She loves that I make a list when there is something really wrong with my kids. She listens to it all, and when I'm done, goes through my list from her memory explaining why things are happening or commenting on things (or she has blood work done depending on the ailment). Today it was all verbal, which David liked much better than pricking and prodding. This is what we discovered. All of his symptoms are classic signs of acid reflux and tied tongue. Zantac isn't a fix-all. It only helps the acid in his stomach not be as harsh on him when it shoots back up his throat. She is letting me give him the Zantac 3 times a day instead of twice a day. Hopefully this will help bridge the gap between the doses when one has worn off and the other hasn't been given yet due to his sleep schedule. We are to prop his crib up even more. It is okay for him to be in a bouncy seat for most of the day because it is so painful for him to be on the floor. We'll worry about floor time later. When his stomach hurts really bad and feels stiff (like your forehead), he can have tylonol and gas relief drops at the same time (Kia calls this "baby champagne"). Besides that, we are doing everything that we can for him already as far as acid reflux in concerned (except introducing cereal which can help, but can only be given through a bottle which David doesn't take, so that isn't an option right now, we'll wait and see how much he improves with the increased medicine and being upright a little more (although, he is upright most of the day as it is, we're just going to not feel badly about it). Now, as far as his tied tongue is concerned, we are waiting to see how soon we can get into a specialist to have that clipped. Most likely, David won't eat well for one to two days after this. He's a big baby though (common with acid reflux babies), so we aren't worried. I think that that is it. He goes back in 2 weeks to see if he's gained a pound which will mean that his Zantac can be increased again. Allyssa has her 2 year check up then, too.

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