Wednesday, June 17, 2009

So That I Don't Forget

I'm hoping to get these numbers in the Baby Books, but for now here they are:

Allyssa, 2 years old: 24 lbs 13oz and 32 1/2 inches tall; 25th percentile both

David, Jr., 3 months old: 14 lbs 4 oz and 23 1/4 inches tall; 75th percentile for weight, unknown for height

Doctor visits for both yesterday. Allyssa had an anemia test, but that's it. Both kids are doing well. No changes in acid reflux plan for David, but he did get some eye drops for his gunky eye that has been bothering him for 2 months now. Oh, and Kia told me that she did have one concern about Allyssa. You'll never guess what it was! Talking. She was concerned that she isn't talking enough. I told Kia that wasn't a problem; Allyssa talks non-stop. Kia asked if she said 50 words. I told her she said 40 at 15 months and is proabably closer to 1000 than 50 at this point. We've got a chatterbox; that's for sure. A shy chatterbox. It is true that she doesn't talk to Kia (although, for the record when I asked her to tell Kia her age, she said "Two" usually she says "I'm two," but she was being shy. She also said "Hi, Miss Kia," and when I asked her to tell her what her name was, she mummbled "N-na" which means I said, she was being shy and abreviating everything). After Kia left the room and the nurse who pricked her finger came in she said things like "Jesus fix it." and "Need hug." Poor kiddo. She's right though. Jesus will fix her little finger prick, in fact, He already did.

Meanwhile, at home Allyssa is just the cutest. She has been "bathing" David, Jr. and I with water from her sippy cup that she shakes out. Yesterday as she washed David, Jr. she said things like this, "Wash bottom," "Soapy, Soapy, Soapy," "Wash diaper," "Wash arm," there were lots of things she washed. She also tried to feed him some pretend chicken. He didn't eat it. I can't wait until he's old enough to talk back to her. I'd love to hear what he's thinking about her. He watches with shear joy and admiration as she pretends to clean his bottom and feed him plastic.

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