Monday, March 24, 2008

Magnet; March 20

I bought magnets for Allyssa. "Ages 3 and up" it said on the package. Oh silly package. I put the minus sign, the fraction bar, and the divided by sideways L on the part of the fridge that Allyssa can't reach so that she couldn't poke her mouth with it. I thought that was good. Allyssa played for a long time with the magnets down low. One in particular, she really liked. Finally, I took her with me to do chores. We did laundry, vaccumed, and then I thought it was time to play again. Blocks. We would build a tower, but that magnet was still in her hand and was getting in the way. I figured she'd cry when I took it away from her. I thought I aught to anyways. That's when I discovered that she wasn't holding it because she loved it, she was holding it because it was stuck on her thumb. I tried to get it off, but it wouldn't come. Off to the kitchen for some vegetable oil. After pouring a lot on, it finally came off. Allyssa never complained. She even enjoyed getting her hands washed afterwards. Now that pesky 6 and all of its frinds (the B, 9, A, 4, etc...) are all up high, too. She can still play with the M and the N, and letters/numbers that don't have holes that are the perfect size for little thumbs.

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Matt Peters said...

As Schoolhouse Rock says,
"Naughty Number Nine"!

You guys have a beautiful kid!

I'm missing Dave as it gets warmer, I need someone to help motivate me to get on the bike.