Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sleeping update

Allyssa has been sleeping at night very well. The only night that was hard was about the 5th night. We tink it is because we gave her grapes instead of cereal as a snack after supper. Grapes don't keep her full long enough. We went back to cereal and she's been sleeping well. If she doesn't have a pacifier when she goes to sleep, we have to give it to her once, but she falls right back asleep. Now that we have nighttime naps figured out, we are going to try to correct her nap schedule. Allyssa is sleepy most of the day and refuses to take long enough naps. My prayer partner for the month knows that we are working on Allyssa's sleeping and brought me a book on sleeping. It says that I should let Allyssa cry it out for an hour at nap time if I have to. I talked to my cousin who has read a lot on sleeping (she had a preemie too and is a stay at home mom, that means that she doesn't have help from a lot of people, like daycare professionals, and that her baby was similar to mine) and she said that that sounded right and to only try one nap at a time. I'm going for the afternoon nap because if she gives up her morning nap, I'll have worked for nothing. I'm starting today at 1pm, so think of me!

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