Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Response to earlier post

Jaime! I just got that book from my prayer partner for the month. I read it while Allyssa cried today! Boy did I screw up with her napping! At least she is just 9 months and not 9 years! Hopefully, she'll get better at napping in the afternoon and I'll be able to change another part of her messed up schedule -- bedtime. I haven't gotten far in the book, but I already decided that I'm putting Allyssa to bed too late. I don't want to change too much at once though and I will have to change supper time and take out the nap where I hold her at 4:30, so I'm going to wait until after I see her pediatric nurse on Tuesday and tell her what is going on. I've talked to her about Allyssa taking short naps, but I don't think that she understood what I was saying. I was saying, "Allyssa doesn't take long naps. When will she?" She said, "Some kids don't." I should have said, "Allyssa is tired all the time. I think that I'm not giving her good naps. What can I do to correct the problem?" Oh well. First kid mistakes. We'll get this figured out. When I went in to get Allyssa at 2:35 when she woke up this afternoon, she was sitting with her head on her knee. She slept that way for the last part of her nap. I'm not kidding. Poor baby! I know that she slept that way because she had sleep lines (those red marks and wrinkles that you get from sleeping on something bumpy or pressure from something). Poor thing. Hopefully tomorrow will go better!

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