Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Nap today

Today has been worse. During the atempted nap at 9 the dog would not shut up. Aiti insisted on barking right by Allyssa's window. Dumb dog. That nap is not the one that we are trying to change, so I was holding her and could go put the dog in her cage. Allyssa slept for 3 minutes in her crib and about 15 with me holding her. The afternoon nap also is going poorly. She slept for 31 minuts and woke up to cry. She's been crying for 8 minutes while I try to ignore it. David left for work after about 3 minutes. I hate that. Not fair at all. He gets to go to work while I have to listen to her cry. If he would have left before she started crying I wouldn't have cared. Meanwhile, Allyssa yells, "Maaaama." Between shreiking cries of you are abandoning me sounds.

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Jamie said...

We had a hard time getting Naomi to nap regularly and she didn't really do a good job till we moved to Texas...which means, 9 months old. She did sleep through the night at 2 months though. A really good book I'm reading right now is called, Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth. Hope that she starts sleeping better for you soon! Just wanted to encourage you in what you're doing and tell you about that book. Hope y'all are doing good!