Thursday, February 7, 2008

Allyssa is sick for the first time

We noticed her gasping every once in a while. We thought it was just because she was laughing so hard. She's been happy. Then we thought maybe she was doing it on purpose. That's right; we're new parents. She had no fever and was happy and playful. Then she started gasping more. I tried to get in to her doctor; no luck. They wanted me to go to the Night Clinic which works like this: Arrive at 5 and sign in. At 5:30 the first person who was there will be seen. It is a first come first serve basis. Time to try Raymondville doctors. Can't log into BCBS website. Called David's mom. She was busy. Checked the phone book. No listings for pediatritians here in Raymondville. Bawling, I went to David and forced him to come home (he was willing and happy to help, but it was bad timing). He couldn't get the website to work either and was figuring it out when I called a member of our congregation. We both got the info we needed at the same time. I called a doctor here in Raymondville. He said to call 911. A little too dramatic. I called another doctor here in Raymondville. They could see her as a walk-in (I discovered they only have walk-ins, no apts.), but they had no one in the waiting room. I went there. They don't take credit or debit. I came home and got the check book. Then, I went back. They saw her. She has bronchitis and a left ear infection caused by the same thing that caused the bronchitis. They gave me lots of prescriptions. I went to Wal-Mart pharmacy. They could fill all but the nebulizer. I went to Watson City Drug (here in Raymondville, but across town). They had it, but insurance doesn't cover it. Of course I got it anyways. Then back to Wal-Mart to get the other prescriptions. By the time we got home she'd missed 2 naps and supper was 35 minutes late. Yesterday was Ash Wednesday, so David was at work the whole time.
I had to wake Allyssa up 3 times last night for her nebulizer and ear drops. Poor baby. Today she is happy and playing like always. Such a sweet girl. I can tell by her breathing that she doesn't feel well, but no sense in pouting, she knows that distraction is the best method. Sweet girl.

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Anonymous said...

I hope Allyssa feels better soon. I'm glad the medicine is working.