Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Allyssa's first tooth was first noticed while she was sick. I think it was Sunday. Now, it is bothering her a lot. She was up a lot last night. We gave her oral gel, but that wasn't enough. The ants got one bottle of tylonol, dumb ants, and the other one we used while she was sick, so I didn't want to use it since she's well. At 3:30 am I left for Walmart to get a new bottle. I hadn't gotten it yet because Allyssa wasn't allowed out in public while she was sick because others germs might get her sick with something else. Our Walmart is an 18 hour store. It is not open at 3:30am. Thanks Mom for leaving a bottle in Allyssa's bathroom! I found it around 3:45 this morning (that is where I keep it, I just thought I used it already). It didn't help Allyssa sleep at all, but at least I felt better that I'd tried. She was up from 3 am to 5:45 am this morning. She didn't cry the whole time, but would only sleep if we held her. David and I took turns. Hopefully that tooth will decide to come all the way through in one day, haha!

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