Friday, February 29, 2008

Annoyed about stewing over an annoyance

One of my bad habits is doing this. My current annoyance: Not getting a thank you card. Seriously, I know that's crazy, but I gave a gift to someone for something and they did not send a thank you. I know that this is wrong but, had I received one from her when I was in her situation, I would not care that I did not get a thank you card. I should simply find joy in giving. I know that, but I still really wanted a thank you card. Then I'm annoyed at myself for being annoyed. Also, I wonder if I remembered everyone when I sent out thank you cards. I really tried hard to remember everyone, but what if I accidentally forgot one person. Then I think back to my wedding and someone out there might be annoyed to this day that they never got a thank you. I know that not everyone did for my wedding because the post office where some gifts were was broken into and 4 gifts were stollen. I know that there was at least one that still had a name on it and at least one that did not have a name on it. I don't remember about the other two. Someone out there gave me some very nice William Sonoma dish towels. Thank you. I love them and use them everyday.

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