Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween in a new town

A little over a year ago we moved to a new town that has a very different culture from the town I grew up in. Tonight after getting home from a lovely Trunk-or-Treat (more on that later), we turned on the porch light to invite trick-or-treaters to our door for candy. I opened the window shade so that I could see what was going on out there. As I did 15 very small children and a couple of adults walked passed our house without stopping. I seem to remember this happening last year, too. Very sad. It bums me out. Why don't they come to my door? Is there a special thing I need to do besides turn on the porch light? When I was a kid, that was all it took. Most people in town also know this as the pastor's home. I know that the interim pastor who was here just before we were didn't like Halloween, but I don't know about the pastor before that. Maybe that is why they don't come. Maybe someone gave them boring candy before. Maybe I need a big sign that says, "Hey! I've got Snickers and Hershey's and Twix among other yummy candies!!" Maybe the littlest kids need a sign that says "Play dough here!" Oh well. I guess I do get to eat some candy. I'm still sad though.

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