Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My big belly

Allyssa likes to find my belly button now. I think her discovering it has to do with the fact that my belly is big, and she noticed. I'm huge, y'all. I'm shocked. I haven't even gained that much weight (only 6 pounds more than what my normal weight should be), but I'm HUGE. My first trimester is over. I'm around 17 weeks or so. My first tri wasn't bad, but my second isn't going so great. Allyssa was like that, too. I haven't thrown up in a few weeks really, but I don't feel good a lot of the time. I threw up with Allyssa more and more as the pregnancy went on, so I'm hoping for a differnt pregnancy this time. My sister thinks I'm going to have a girl because I'm not super tired. I'm not sure if that is a very good indicator because with Allyssa I was exhausted always. I have a different type of job now, and I think that that makes a world of difference. And my definition of "super tired" might be skewed. Ask any mom of a 16 month old and she would say that she is tired. I go to bed at or before 10 pm and try to never wake up the next morning. For some, that might indicate "super tired." I have noticed that my forgetfulness has increased in an amount proportionate to my big belly size. I expect it to continue that pattern. I've forgotten what I'm doing, so I'm going to stop for now. Have a great day!

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