Thursday, October 9, 2008

The List of Already Dids

Somedays a list is needed of the Already Dids just to let a SAHM know that even though there is much to be done, much has already been done. Here's a list from this week (things are missing, this is what I remember doing):
1.) Homemade Refried Beans made
2.) Cookie Bars made
3.) Countless loads of laundry (okay it could be counted, but I can't remember, there were diapers multiple times, towels, Allyssa's clothes, whites, darks, lots of stuff)
4.) Supper and Lunch made everyday (we eat cereal for breakfast)
5.) At least 2 loads of dishes washed everyday (see #s 1, 2, and 4 for why)
6.) Living Room, Den, Allyssa's Room, Our Room, and hall vacuumed
7.) Kitchen floor mopped (the part that really matters anyways)
8.) Toys picked up
9.) Food picked up
10.) Trips to the grocery store and Walmart
11.) Baby Shower attended
12.) Dentist apt.
13.) Phone calls made that weren't "personal" calls
14.) Changed bed sheets (WOW!)
15.) Stuff moved out of Allyssa's new closet before vacation finally found new homes
16.) Organized maternity clothes some more

I'd say that that is pretty darn good.

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