Thursday, February 19, 2009

Allyssa's cough

We went to the doctor today because her cough wasn't getting any better, and, in fact, she woke up 10 or 12 times last night. She had no fever or anything like that, so I figured it was allergies. I had been giving her Zyrtec for days, but it didn't seem like it did much. Her sneezing wasn't happening, but the cough wouldn't go away. 1 nebulizer treatment, a finger prick and bandaid (I mention the bandaid because Allyssa hates them on her finger and seems to throw a bigger fit over the bandaid than the prick), lung x-rays, and a strep test later, we are told that she has asthma. She was diagnosed with it because of the number of times that she's come in for allergies and the reaction her lungs have to it. They've taken x-rays on a few occasions and could compare. Poor little girl is allergic to the Valley. Who isn't? Her asthma isn't the kind that moms and dads freak out about whether their kid will suffocate or anything like that. It just means that it is really hard for her to breathe when her allergen is about. She has a prescription for singulair and is supposed to take neb treatments for 3 days everytime that she flairs up. With these treatments, she'll be okay. Poor girly!

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