Thursday, February 12, 2009

Oh well

So with Allyssa telling me every day right after or right before she needs a new diaper, I thought she might be ready to potty train. I cleaned her big girl panties and got out the potty. I started after her nap. No luck. She's totally not ready. She made it to the potty a few times (or at least to the bathroom), but she went to the bathroom way too many times in a 5 hour period. You see a child shouldn't go 15 times in an afternoon/evening. It wasn't that I was pumping her full of fluids. It was that she doesn't empty her bladder when she pees. She pees and is done; then two minutes later she wets her pants. Sometimes it happend three times per peeing session. Anyways, I figure that in a few months she'll be more patient and sit a little longer, and we'll try again then. For now the panties and potty are going to hide until that time comes around. At least now I know that it wouldn't have been easy to train her before the new baby arrives. So next time when I try, I won't question that.

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