Thursday, February 26, 2009

Very Very Pregnant Girl

Tomorrow I'll be 35 weeks pregnant, which in my opinion puts me at the VVPG status. I'm feeling well, a little swollen today, but I saw the doctor on Tuesday and will see the doctor again tomorrow. Everything is looking fine. My doctor is on vacation this week, so I'm seeing another doctor in the office. I'm glad that my doctor is on vacation this week because I'm hoping that she comes back well rested and rejuvinated in perfect timing to deliver my baby. I had a sonogram on Tuesday because I was having some contractions show up on the fetal monitoring. No big deal. I didn't even know I was having them. The sono showed that the baby is over 5 pounds. Good deal. 2 to 5 more weeks. Hopefully next week when my doctor is back from vacation we can get a better idea how long it will be. We shall see.

Meanwhile, Allyssa is still suffering from asthma. She has had a bad cough for over 2 weeks. She doesn't sleep well. She coughs so hard sometimes that I think she's going to throw up. When she's done with one of these coughing fits I try to comfort her and she is ready to play. It is so bizarre to me. You'd think that she'd feel bad after coughing so hard, but she must feel okay because she insists that she is ready to go again. We're hoping that the coughing will go away soon. Poor little girl. She is talking up a storm. She talks to her toys and instructs them to eat things and do things and when they "do" she says "Good job!" She also says "Good job!" to herself and to me and David. It is so cute. She repeats every single thing that we say. If she sneezes and I say "God bless you." She says it back. If we startle someone when we come around the corner of church going on our walk and I say "Sorry!" she repeats it, too. Put in a room full of people, she won't say much at all, but with few people or at home, she'll talk a lot more. Well, she's up from her nap. Off to get a snack ready, supper made, a nebulizer treatment, and play time before David comes home for supper.

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Christina said...

I saw your post on moneysavingmom about cloth diapering. Did you have a problem with the BG laundry tabs? I am having problems with them and was going to look for fixes. Any advice? Thanks in advance.