Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I do not have PE

I woke up this morning swollen. I figured since...I went to the hospital on Sun., had 3 vials of blood drawn and given them a cup of pee all to find out that they looked good, got sent home to pee in a big orange bucket all day, took it to the doctor's office on Mon., where they took at least 5 vials of blood, but I really think they took 6 or 7, and would have those results back tomorrow...I really wouldn't have to go to the doctor, they'd just tell me not to worry and I would see them at my scheduled appointment on Thursday. I called the office, the receptionist said that I could see the nurse practitioner, but I didn't want to see anyone, so I asked if I could just talk to the nurse. Blanca called me back an hour or so later and I told her about what had happened in the last couple of days and that I was swollen again. She said she'd tell Dr. Hunter and give me a call back. Dr. Hunter, like normal, did not take my symptom lightly because she really wants to keep this baby in me until it reaches term and she knew that I must be worried since I keep bugging everyone. She said to come in right away. So I gathered up Allyssa and went. I gave them my normal cup of pee to do their magic on and figured I'd just see the doctor and be told that I am fine and not to worry. Nope. "Fetal Monitoring" was what the sign on the door said. Great! I'll get to hear that baby's heart beat. How long do I have to monitor? 20 minutes. In case you aren't aware of how fetal monitoring in a doctor's office works, they close you up in a room by youself with two disks strapped to your belly and tell you to punch a button everytime the baby moves. The two disks monitor the baby's heartrate and checks for contractions. The thing is, I wasn't alone in the room. Allyssa came with me, remember? So for 20 minutes I had to lay down in a recliner while Allyssa initially played, but only for about half the time. Then she wanted to be up in Mommy's lap. Then she wanted to be down. Then she wanted me to help her, with what I don't know. Then she wanted to give me things, but my hands were busy holding the button I was supposed to push and holding the fetal heartrate monitor in place. So up she climbed into the chair again. The baby in my tummy either felt much sympathy for Allyssa and kicked to show his support of her tears and to empathize or kicked a lot to tell her "Sis, get off me!" Either way, when the nurse came in, I told her how sorry I was that I brought Allyssa because I was sure that the results were skewed due to the fact that Allyssa joined in the fun. The nurse laughed and said that it was okay, she could see where Allyssa climbed in my lap on the paper report and would let the doctor know. They were very nice about it. I was concerned they wouldn't be. I mean, who brings their kid with them? Aparently, me, but I really shouldn't have today. So then I took the monitors off without being told that I could and cleaned up the room (Allyssa had played in there for 10 minutes before she climbed up to join me, remember?). I fed Allyssa a banana and helped her play until we were told to go to the examination room. We looked at a picture of fruits and veggies on the wall for a while until Dr. Hunter came in. She was very kind about Allyssa joining us, as she always is. Then she said the sweetest words ever said to me by a doctor (at least in the last few weeks, I mean, I'm sure it was very sweet when they told me that my babies have been healthy every time they've told me, but just keep reading), "You don't have preeclampsia." Hooray! Then came the bad news: I have to go to the doctor's office twice a week from here on out and each time fetal monitoring will be done. That means that twice a week from here on out, I have to find someone to watch Allyssa. That means that two days a week from here on out, I don't get to spend those precious hours with Allyssa, her last precious hours of being an only child. The good news overshadows the bad news. And now I know what I'm supposed to do when I wake up and am swollen. That is great because I wake up swollen most days these days. So that's it. I'm okay and they are watching me very closely.

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