Thursday, May 14, 2009

This week

This week has been so busy that I almost literally feel dizzy. I'm not really sure what has made it feel so busy except that this is how it went:
I went to the store several times this week because I was trying to get ready for a baby shower and bought things for it, then more people said they were coming (YAY!), so I had to run back to the store to get more favor bags and cups, in addition to our normal trip to the store for groceries. Going to the store is a huge task now since there are two kids to load and unload. Plus I had to get dog food one of those times. Getting dog food with kids isn't easy.
Monday David had volleyball and was gone from 7pm to 9pm, so I put the kids to bed myself (I don't say that to sound like I did it all myself, but to point out that I usually have help and I didn't and I missed it! My husband is so good to me and helps take care of the kids more than a lot of husbands, and I greatly appreciate that!)
Tuesday David had 2 meetings at church and was in and out of the house all evening between meetings. It made for an awkward evening.
Wednesday I had a playdate in the morning. Then David had a meeting in the early evening. Then after the kids went to bed some friends of ours came over to play 42.
Today is Thursday, and the kids and I had a busy morning. After breakfast we quickly got ready and got in the car. We stopped by Walmart on our way out of town for a bag of ice and to fill the car up with gas. Then we drove to Harlingen to go to a park where I was throwing a baby shower for a good friend of mine. We got there at 8:40. The shower started at 9. It went really well. Lots of friends came to celebrate with us. We left at 11:15. By then both kids were very cranky. Stickers helped Allyssa feel better, but I can't reach David, Jr.'s mouth in the car to give him a pacifier, so he cried the last 10 minutes of our car ride home.
Now, it is time to make supper, get Allyssa packed for her trip, and get some laundry unwrikled that sat too long, and get some other laundry washed. I also hope to get the kitchen tidied for the millionth time this week.

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