Thursday, May 7, 2009

Pictures I should have put up a LONG time ago

Here a pictures from a long time ago. The beginning of April. They are just a few, but if I posted all the ones I should have, I'd never be done.

Here is Allyssa and David on Easter Sunday.

Here is Allyssa at a MOPS Easter Party at my friend Heather's house. Yes, Allyssa is holding a stick she found on the ground. She didn't get to hit the pinata, but she got the idea, and carried the stick around. (I also didn't tell her that the candy was up for grabs! Poor little girl.)

Here is Grandma Piehl holding David when she was here for his baptism. Allyssa talks about Grandma Piehl every day. She tells us "Grandma Piehl Iowa." I'm not really sure what makes her think of her every day, but she does. It is very cute. Some times she tells us that Grandma is taking a nap or that Grandma should come visit again. It is really cute.

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