Tuesday, May 19, 2009

David Jr's trip to the doctor

Today was David's 2 month check up. He had immunizations. He is 13 pounds and 21 1/2 inches long today. We talked with the doctor about his problems. Here's the list:
1. We know that he has a "tight tongue."
2. We know that he swallows a lot of air when he eats.
3. We know that he doesn't latch on correctly due to his tight tongue.
4. He is gassy.
5. He spits up a lot; sometimes just after he eats he'll spit up practically everything that went down; sometimes he spits up a couple of hours after he ate.
6. He does not like to lie down on his back, ever.
7. Raising his crib to an angle when he sleeps helps some, but he still doesn't sleep well at night.
8. If he is awake, he is crying and fussy. No exceptions.
9. He doesn't sleep for long periods of time without waking to scream.

The doctor we saw today agreed that there is a problem. While she didn't come out and say it, we believe she thinks he has acid reflux because she prescribed him Zantac. We are going to try it for 2 weeks and go back in for another check up to see how things are going. He hasn't been able to see his normal doctor for the last two well baby visits because she was on maternity leave. She will be back for his next appointment, so we'll get to have some consistency. That will be good since he's been to the doctor three times and has seen someone different each time.

I'm still not convinced that we shouldn't have his tight tongue fixed. I figure that we might as well fix it when he's a baby and won't remember rather than when he is a toddler or young child. Tight tongue can also cause a speech impediment, so there is another reason why I don't understand the hesitation to clip it. This is an issue I'll be discussing at his next appointment.

Sorry, no photos this time. I've got some, they just aren't ready to be posted yet.

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