Tuesday, May 12, 2009

A friend's birthday party

May 6th we went to a friend's second birthday party. Allyssa wasn't sure about climbing into the pool, so she stayed out of it and splashed from the sidelines. I wasn't going to force her to get in, and she was having fun, so I just let her play that way. The cake is an idea from Betty Crocker. Our friends had bought a birthday cake from HEB, but because they had to postpone the party due to swine flu, they had to make a new cake. They were wondering what to do about a cake, so I told them what I'm doing for Allyssa, and they liked the idea. I am going to make a train car using their idea for Allyssa's birthday. I started this tradition a few years ago with one of David's birthday cakes, but didn't really make it a tradition until Allyssa's first birthday (well, I guess really my 24th birthday because it is 2 days before Allyssa's and I got a special shape, too). Our tradition is this: Birthday cakes must be extra special in some way, for example a special shape using pans and dishes that we already have at home or a special flavor (like David's peppermint poke cake from last year, which I think is Betty Crocker, too, it was a variation found on the cake box). If possible, the cake should always be a special shape, but if not possible due to the special flavor, that is okay. Also, the birthday person is not allowed to make their own cake. (I guess if Allyssa wanted to help stir stuff in, that would be okay, it is more that I don't make my own cake.) Alright, so go check out Betty Crocker's website and find a fun cake to make!

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