Thursday, September 25, 2008

Trip up north/sick baby/PWR

We had a great time visiting everyone "up north." (Saying that it is North is wrong for many of the people living in the USA, but if you live in the Rio Grande Valley, everything is north, as is North Texas, where we went.) We saw Grandma and Papa (my parents) and my sister and her husband. Allyssa got to play with my sis's niece, Hannah. David went to Lubbock for a Tech game with my Dad. Grandma, Cristy, and I played with Allyssa while they were gone. Allyssa loved tromping around outside and playing with the dogs. She loves dogs. Then we went to Grandma and Grandpa's (David's parents). We wore Allyssa out with a trip to the zoo. The next morning she threw up her eggs. Who knows why? My dad says it was the change in climate. Who knows? We thought that she was okay and it was just because I put her on a rocking horse an hour after she ate. Maybe she's not good with rocking horses, right? So we went to the Arboretum. We pulled her around in a wagon, so she didn't have walk. She LOVES the wagon. That night we went out for Mexican food at David's favorite place to go (and mine, too), Abuelo's. Allyssa ate really well. That night around 12:30, she threw up. We called our doctor, who is really a CPNP, but whatever. She is pregnant, too so I felt bad waking her, but she was the one on call that night. She said that she figured it was something Allyssa was eating, so it was okay to travel home. She was very tired the next day (we were planning on leaving that day). She slept a lot of the trip. She didn't eat much, but she did eat lunch, which she threw up all over me in a gas station in Corpus. I feel bad for the attendant who had to clean up with bits of mac and cheese. Poor guy. We both got a change of clothes, and got back on the road. David thought that a trip to our Night Clinic was our best option, so we passed our home and headed farther south. We made it to the NC before anyone else, which is good because it is first come first serve. Allyssa had a finger prick and strep test. Then they checked her ears for an infection. Bingo. Infection in the ears. She also has some drainage that is going to her tummy making her vomit. She threw up two more times before bed. This morning, no vomit. Yay! She isn't eating or drinking enough. We have lots of beverage options for her, but she's not interested. We let her wag around her sippy cup, but she's not drinking much. She ate breakfast okay and took a nap right away. Then David got home from a meeting just as she was waking up. He watched her while I ran to the store to get some fruit, milk, and bread. Allyssa eats fruit well, so we hoped it would help. Then, I was off to the doctor for my apt. David wanted to come, but we couldn't leave Allyssa with anyone with her feeling so bad even though she's not contagious, the doctor said so. My doctor had to do an emergency C-section, so I had to wait to see the other doctor. She's great. She helped deliver Allyssa and stopped in to check on me when she was in the hospital while I was staying there after Allyssa's birth. Then, off to the pharmacy to pick up the prescription I couldn't get last night for Allyssa. When I got home Allyssa was already down for her nap.
Tomorrow, I'm supposed to leave for PWR (Pastor's Wives Retreat). It is in La Grange. That's a ways north, too. I'm looking forward to going, but feel bad because Allyssa's sick. David still wants me to go. We'll see tomorrow if she's feeling better.

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