Monday, March 2, 2009

Goodbye television shows...Hello getting stuff accomplished

With the new baby coming (and realizing that it is silly to pay so much for television) we've decided to get rid of Dish Network. Sad days really. Last night we watched out last HGTV. But see, that's just it. Even with all of the channels, we found ourselves with nothing to watch, so we'd watch HG. Well, except for Mondays. Mondays were my Jon and Kate days. How I'll miss my Jon and Kate! Anyways, so now it is regular t.v. only. But because of this, we are putting a much larger chunk of change into savings each month. And surely that will help out somewhere along the way. And we might just have the additional benefit of getting things done faster. Like my scrapbooking...maybe I won't be so far behind on it. Or David's projects like Allyssa's toy box that he was hoping would be done by Thanksgiving. Not that I'm trying to rush him or that t.v. kept him from doing it, but things like that might be much more interesting than the couple of channels that we get, so maybe they'll get done quicker. Maybe not (especially with baby #2 coming). We'll see.

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