Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Best Day EVER!

That's how I'm feeling about the last couple of days. The weather say the least. Can you believe that it is one in the afternoon and only 88 degrees?!! Did I die and go to heaven or what!? I've been trying to spend as much time as I can with Allyssa outside. That's where the sad part comes in. Seems like the mosquitos love Allyssa. On her left calf I counted 13 bites while she was playing in Aiti's bed outside this morning. 13!!! Dumb bugs. They eat her up! This morning David gave her Band-Aid Brand bug bite ointment stuff, and that didn't work, so he put hydrocortizone cream on her; that didn't work. So he gave her Benadryl liquid. That was before 8 this morning. He let me sleep in for about 45 minutes this morning, so when I got up and ready for the day, I noticed that she was scratching. I got the sample that the doctor gave me of some prescription bug bite stuff out and put in on her. Then, I told David that I did it. He told me that he'd already put the other stuff on her and given her Benadryl. Guess she was doctored up. But it wasn't helping. I got her down for a nap and then gave her a snack. After that we were off to Wal-mart to get some Aveno bath stuff. She was doing okay when we got home, so we played outside a while. Then she started scratching, so we were off to get her in the bath. After the bath I put her in some soft pants so she couldn't get to the bug bites as easily and to keep the carpet from rubbing on them. She's done okay since then. We haven't put more ointment on her, but before her afternoon nap we did give her Benadryl in hopes that she'd sleep for a couple of hours. I hope to get some pictures up before she wakes, but we'll see. I've got to plan supper for tonight and for Saturday next week when I'll be at PWR and David will be taking care of Allyssa alone for 2 whole days!! That's the first time I'll be away without her for any length of time, so...well, more on that another time.

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