Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Nap time blues

IS she giving up her morning nap or not? The first two days that i decided no more morning nap went great. She was sleepy for her afternoon nap and slept well. Then she actually went to bed on time because she didn't sleep too late in the afternoon because her afternoon nap was bumped up a little because of no morning nap. Then Sunday came. Sundays are the worst days of the week.
This is how they go:
Allyssa wakes up. She eats breakfast. She plays with Mommy. Daddy wakes up. She plays while Mommy and Daddy get ready for church. Daddy goes to church. Mommy pulls out the guitar and goes through a couple of songs while Allyssa dances. We pack stuff for the potlucks that have happend the last two weeks and thank goodness are over for a while. We pack stuff for Sunday School. We pack a snack for Allyssa and the kids in her Sunday School class. Allyssa gets dressed for church. Allyssa walks across the street while Mommy pushes the stroller full of stuff for the Sunday School Opening, her booster seat for the potluck, the food for the potluck, and stuff for Sunday School while carrying a guitar across the street. We finally stumble into the Annex where the potluck takes place and Mommy can unload the stroller. Allyssa gets set loose because Mommy has no more hands. Mommy gets ready for the Sunday School Opening, gathers Allyssa and goes into the Sanctuary to play guitar for the kids. Allyssa dances with Daddy. Then we head to Sunday School where Allyssa enjoys the lesson and then plays with Mack and Ashton. Then we're off to church. By this time, Allyssa is exhausted. She cries during the entire service, but Mommy has trouble getting out of the pew because Mommy is on the inside of the pew and someone else is sitting on the outside. Mommy finally gets Allyssa outside, but that doesn't fix things. She keeps crying. She's so tired. Finally church is over and we eat and she goes to nap.

After all that, Monday I hoped would be easier, but no. She didn't take a morning nap. She was exhausted. I realised that she wanted one, but it was too late to give her one. She took a nap after lunch at 12:15. It only lasted 45 minutes because she was woken by a loud noise. She would sleep after that, so she was up and cranky until bedtime. This morning, she threw such a fit at about 9 that I just put her to sleep. I hope that she will sleep tonight because that is the problem, she won't go to bed at night because she isn't sleepy yet because nap time was just a little while ago because she wouldn't fall asleep for her nap because her other nap had her rested. Today I get to figure this out on my own because David is gone all day. He is usually home for lunch and puts her down for her afternoon nap, but he won't be home until supper today.

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