Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I read this recent article in at Parenting and laughed. I might not get Mom-of-the-Year. I give Allyssa the crusts on purpose. I want the insides. When we have toast at supper, she eats my crusts and LOVES is! And why wouldn't she? That's all she's ever tasted! :) Poor baby. Today we ate some peach cobbler. The peaches came from our tree and were a bit tart. Okay a lot tart. I wanted the cobbler bread and I had given her grapes and bananas which are two of her favorites. So I gave her the tart peach part instead of the yummy bread part. She promptly stuck her tounge out like "GET THIS OFF ME!!" I got to eat all the cobbler and she thought she was the winner because she got grapes!!

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