Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Baby Gate for the Tree

I ordered it online because it was $50 less expensive that way. Way to go Amazon! I also got free shipping! I love Amazon. Now, it just has to get here. I hope that it fits around the tree. Our tree is huge! We got it at 75% off a few years ago at Target's after Christmas sale. It is much bigger than I expected. It is very pretty and I can't wait to decorate it on Nov. 30th. Our neighbor has a lighted wreath up already. Poor guy; he's totally going to miss out on the fun on the first day of Advent. Allyssa is big enough this year that she'll totally see how exciting and fun this is! I'm a little worried of course though because she's big enough to see how tatally fun and exciting this is. That's why we got a baby gate.

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