Wednesday, November 19, 2008


I am nervous today because I'm returning my Bum Genius diapers to their manufacturer to be exchanged for ones that have functioning laundry tabs so that that the velcro doesn't stick to everything and his brother in the wash (if they don't think that I should get an exchange, I'll be charged with shipping them back to me and I won't get replacements). I waited to send them off until I got my new cloth diapers in. I figured I might as well buy new ones since we are having a second child. I didn't buy Bum Genius this time. I bought Happy Heinys. After a couple of weeks of using Happy Heinys I do have some comments about each type of diaper:

Bum Genius:
The velcro is little and can easily be undone by my daughter.
They clean easily with no staining.
The inserts are easy to get in and don't pop out.
The adjustable snaps work well.

Happy Heinys:
The velcro is big and my daughter has not figured out how to undo it.
They clean easily with no staining.
The inserts aren't as easy to get in and they will sneak out a little because there is no stopper.
The adjustable snaps pop undone when inserting the inserts and when putting the diaper on the child.

Each diaper has at least one con and some pros. I am happy with my purchases but I hope that these 24 diapers get me through the rest of my children's diapering years.

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