Sunday, November 16, 2008

This week

Allyssa has been sick. She has bronchiolitis or something like that. I think it means that it isn't full blown bronchitis. Anyways, she got it because of her allergy to the smoke from the sugar cane burning. Poor baby doesn't do well with that. We try to keep her inside when it smells like the whole valley is bar-b-queing, but it seeps through the windows and walls. She gets a cough and runny nose right away, and this time it just kept getting worse. She's been quite crabby this week. Who wouldn't be? A friend of mine has a couple of kids who were also sick this week, and she said that her kids are taking extra naps. Allyssa doesn't do that. She takes the same amount of naps and they might even run short because coughing will wake her. She wants to run around and play, but then she feels bad and no toys make her happy but napping is not a good solution either. Oh is getting better. She hasn't had a fever in a little over 24 hours. She is coughing much less, but her cough still sounds horrible and you can still hear her breathe.

Other than that, nothing new. It got cold this morning. It was 41 when we got up. Allyssa got to wear tights for the first time ever to church! She looked so darn cute. I took a picture, but of course I don't have it off the camera yet, so you'll have to wait.

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