Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Doctor Appointment

Today I actually got to see my doctor. I am 21.4 weeks along and had yet to see her because everytime I went, she had to deliver a baby (I saw the other doctor in the office and the nurse practitioner every time until today). Things looked good. She said that my hip might bother me the whole time; stretches might help, but not likely; and when my uterus moves wherever it is moving (it is supposed to move at this point in pregnancy) in the next couple of weeks, it might make my hip quit hurting. I have to pee in a cup all day long and have blood taken tomorrow to set up a base line for all my numbers so that later on they can track everything well and make sure I stay healthy. I also am only waiting 2 weeks between this appointment and the next because 22 weeks is when trouble started with Allyssa. Dr. Hunter wants to keep a close eye on this pregnancy (probably more so than if I'd been her patient last pregnancy because she only has what I tell her to help her out, but hey she saved my life, so I'm not complaining or argueing although I don't like the people who take blood in her office, they are rotten). I'm very pleased with Dr. Hunter because (if you've been around me this past week, I'm sure you've noticed) I am very aware that 22 weeks is approaching. I know that things were very different with my first pregnancy, but that doesn't mean that 22 weeks isn't approaching. The good news is that I feel wonderful compared to my first pregnancy. Hooray! Oh and does anyone want to trade me places tomorrow. I'd be glad to let the horrible nurse stab your arm 4 times and get no blood out because he's an idiot. 4 times!! Give me a break!

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